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Casa Olearia Taggiasca

With a deed dated 4th July 1049, the Marquise Adelaide of Susa, strong and generous woman, gave a wide estate placed in the zone of Taggia to the monastery of S. Stefano of Genoa. Later on this property was entrusted to the Benedictine monks of Pedona (today called Borgo S. Dalmazzo) who, in conformity with the teachings of their Saint founder, decided to go to the sunny Ligurian Lands and to set up big growings of olives in our valleys, creating the famous TAGGIASCA variety, from the locality of Taggia, by transplanting specimens taken from Monte Cassino. At that time the available land was extremely few and the precipitous and stony slopes were no fit for cultivation. This problem was resolved just by Benedictine monks, who started to grow the olive on the hills by means of the “fascia”, transforming the side of the hills in a series of superposed level terraces. In this way the West Liguria has inherited an inestimable green patrimony, an agrestic landscape of rare beauty which testifies still today centuries of Ligurian history, life and culture. The main object of CASA OLEARIA TAGGIASCA is to give a product which expresses as much as possible the originality and the unicity of its own origins. Quality and genuineness are two points of pride that cannot be given up, which enable us to offer an extra virgin olive oil of rare fragrance with incomparable characteristics of taste and delicacy. Devotion, patience and above all love for simple and good things are necessary to obtain a valued oil. This is the real secret of the excellence of our product, together with the experience and the teachings of our “forefathers” who have handed down their precious advice to us.